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  1. Gigi is grey, and getting old and sick sadly.
    I hope she will live a long time. She was my first ever cat and I can’t help but look at all cats and my relationships with them and compare them to this my time with her. She is a great cat, totally energetic and agile, or she was, and very small.

    She is grey and has yellow eyes, she was the only grey in her litter of 7 cats, all long hair but her hair was much thicker and different to the other black ones, different dad? We took her and Molly a black one – and they are together now with the person I got them with.

    Grey cats are one of the most striking and beautiful to me. They are quite amazing sometimes, and grey is the only colour the human eye and mind is capable of deriving any colour from. ie: you can put a tiny speck of green in it and a person can tell that it was green that was added. Any other colour and it’s not possible. It’s a special colour, I remember doing photography and buying a ‘mid grey’ piece of cardboard for £15, that’s like 25 bucks for a grey bit of card. Also in printmaking we had to do execises making different shades and tones of grey. It’s very unusual in the way it behaves as a sort of non colour colour.

    I would see green in her fur, purple, sometimes yellow and red, it was amazing. Molly the black one had red in her fur.

    Grey cats are not really spoken about so much but they are very nice cats 🙂

    • They are actually popular. Well, the Russian Blue is in the top 10 most popular breeds. You never see grey Maine Coons but you do see lots of grey Brit SH. Random bred cats that are totally grey look very classy and like a purebred cat. They look very elegant. Seeing as all foundation cats of grey cat breeds were at one time random bred this is not surprising.

      Gigi looks very refined and female to me. Perfect body conformation.

    • Wow that’s amazing that photo of Gigi. I always liked the way she often looked, and her expressions. Ozzie does that and jumps on our backs too when he wants to go in the Linean Cupboard. He will Jump up on the bench above the HeatPump then will signal to one of us to open the door then Jump on her backs. Will try get a photo sometime.

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