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Hush Hush Kitten Dumping — 6 Comments

  1. Great timing for this article.

    I was helping with some TNR over the weekend, and one of the rescue workers was talking about a litter of 4 very young kittens she discovered in a wooden crate last Thursday along a trail she jogs on every morning.

    They were scrawny, sickly, flea infested, and starving.
    She took them home and gave them food immediately ofcourse but said that she had to stop them from eating at some point because they were gorging themselves and she didn’t want them to vomit.

    After a little rest time for them, she took them to bathe them and discovered they were encrusted with ringworm all over. Because she has 15 cats herself and ringworm is very contagious, she took them to her vet to be quarantined and treated instead of doing it herself.

    She’ll retrieve them when their treatment is over and, most likely, they will be adopted out.

    These kittens were very lucky to have been found by her as well as the one in this article being found.

    I hate even thinking about how many kittens are never found.

    • This lady is awesome because it is tough to get rid of ringworm. She took on a big responsibility. I am so impressed with her. Yes, how many kittens perish out there by the side of roads and on trails or wherever.

      • Not surprising really.

        Yes, she’s awesome as are most all rescuers.
        Never a thought of calling authorities or, god forbid, animal control.

        Ofcourse, she considered that find to be her responsibility. That’s the mindset of a true cat lover. No thought of passing the buck or ignoring the situation. She will see it to the end, as every one is adopted to a good home.

        I’ll qualify by saying that, if there was a no-kill like CP here, her response may have been different. But, those kittens would have been killed within an hour at the county shelter here.

  2. This is terrible and there is no excuse for it nowadays when there is financial help for neutering cats.
    I remember with horror in my childhood hearing about kittens being drowned at birth, before the spaying of queen cats became common.
    Human beings are the only cruel species on earth.

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