De-sexing our cats changes them from real animals to living toys

How we like them

We are fooling ourselves if we believe we are forced to spay and neuter our cats for their benefit and ours and to solely keep down the domestic cat population. Spaying and neutering are invasive operations; they remove the sex organs of the female and male cat. This both prevents reproduction and alters behaviour. …

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Near 100% spaying and neutering of domestic cats would put back cat domestication

TNR program Austin Texas

Introduction: the spaying and neutering of cats is a good thing for obvious reasons. This article is not against spaying and neutering it is simply discussing what might be an unexpected outcome if great success were encountered in this process. In an idea which sounds like science fiction, Dr Bradshaw states that if the …

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Hush Hush Kitten Dumping

This is an instructional video, I feel because the cat rescue lady in the video says that people put kittens in plastic bags and chuck the bag away (out of the car window seems to he the new fad) but the community seems to accept it. They ignore it. I have come to the …

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USA: Cats are living longer. Some reasons why.

In 2012, American cats had an average lifespan of 12 years. Ten years earlier it was 11 years. This is about a 10 percent increase. Incidentally, the increase in the lifespan of dogs over the same period is less than half that at 0.4 percent. (note: is an average lifespan of 12 years slightly …

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100% spay and neuter will cause problems

If 100% of the domestic cats in North America were spayed and neutered at all times, within a generation there would be no domestic cats on the continent. They’d only be feral and stray cats. I think that is an interesting thought (note: in practice there would be pedigree cats left as breeders are …

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Kitten found on roadside stole heart of Cats Protection fosterer

Vicky is a fosterer for Wear Valley and Darlington Cats Protection. She writes the following on her website: I would not change it for the world, but what I would love to see change is people’s attitudes… towards cruelty, towards neglect, towards abandonment and towards NEUTERING. Neglect, neutering and abandonment are big issues in the …

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