Justice for Strushie-Miami Beach cat killed by arrow. Karma and updates.

A bit of karma has befallen this case by which I mean some justice has been done in punishing the alleged principal perpetrators of the crime of killing a beloved hotel cat whose name was Strushie, a ginger tabby-and-white.

Strushie a hotel cat kiled by an arrow
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Strushie a hotel cat kiled by an arrow. Photo: FB Justice for Strushie-Miami Beach cat killed by arrow page.


Just to remind people, here is some background information in brief. You can read more by clicking on this link and this link (in that order).

Strushie was a hotel cat. He was born at the Franklin Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida, USA. The hotel owner, Eleonora Todaro, adored him. She sold the hotel and the new owners, Chris Viso and Charles Schneider, hated Strushie at least partly because they were in dispute with the previous owner. They asked an employee, Georgios Lollias, to kill the cat for $10,000. He obliged with a crossbow bolt in a bush next to the hotel. Overwhelming video evidence pointed to the crime and the employee admitted guilt but was suspiciously deported by the authorities before trial. It is believed that he is now in Greece, his home country.

Justice has not been done because the alleged principal criminals in this matter, the co-owners of the Franklin hotel have not been prosecuted. The Facebook page: “Justice for Strushie-Miami Beach cat killed by arrow” continues to pursue justice.

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Here are some updates from a highly reliable source involved in this pursuit of justice.

Video of Strushie

Some More Detail (for legal reasons these are allegations at this stage)

Chris Viso, a co-owner of the hotel, offered the cook, Danny, $10k to kill Strushie. He refused but when Lollias was asked he agreed because he had financial difficulties. It is known that Chris Viso had complained relentlessly about Strushie to several of his employees. Three of them contacted my source of information for this article but were afraid to go to the police. Chris Viso’s co-owner of the hotel, Charles Schneider is a gun fanatic and his house is filled with automatic rifles, pistols and unusual weapons. He gave Lollias a crossbow to kill Strushie. It is known that Strushie was killed with the bolt of a crossbow to the head.

My source tells me that last summer, Schneider and a few employees sat on the front porch of The Franklin Hotel drinking and laughing about the killing of Strushie. Schneider said that it cost Viso a lot of money to get rid of “that cat”.


My source also tells me that there is some good news which has arrived in an unexpected manner. Charles Schneider and Chris Viso are under an impending eviction order for missing $500k of rent on their hotel property. The amount had to be deposited into a court escrow account by 3 o’clock on 16 March 2018 and as far as we know it has not been paid.

It had been hoped that the rent default related to both leases concerning this hotel. The Franklin Hotel has two leases because there are two buildings at 852 and 860 Collins. The main building it at 860 Collins which has 16 rooms while the building next to it at 852 Collins has 15 rooms. The default in rent payment relates to the 852 Collins building. Accordingly, they will be evicted from the second building.

It appears that they can retain ownership and occupation of the main building on which the hotel signage is currently in place. It appears that they lost half of their property and it is hoped that they go into default regarding the main building as well. Perhaps their hotel management is as bad as their morals.

Boycott the Hotel

I would ask people to (a) spread the news about this hotel and (b) boycott it. Who wants to stay in a hotel where there is strong evidence to suggest that the owners are animal abusers?

The Police

The Miami Beach Police Department and the animal cruelty investigator, Mary Garcia appear not to care about doing their job properly and seeking the alleged real perpetrators of this crime. They have failed. The Justice for Strushie team are justifiably angry and frustrated. They have been provided with all information stated on this page and failed to act upon it. This does not surprise me as I have read many stories of failures of justice concerning crimes against cats.

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Note: sources for news articles are carefully selected but the news is often not independently verified.

Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 74-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare. If you want to read more click here.

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15 Responses

  1. Michele Massa says:


    • Michael Broad says:

      Michele, I’ll add some lines to the article asking for a boycott. I know how passionate you are and correctly so.

  2. Michele Massa says:

    Thank you for publishing this. I want as many people as possible to boycott this hotel when traveling to Miami Beach. That way everyone can play a part in getting justice for Strushie. We want them totally evicted. Money is the only thing these evil monsters care about. There are dozens of other great hotels in Miami Beach. I travel to Florida regularly, I recommend Dream Hotel or The Hall. Also, some of the posts on the JFSFB advise that the city has fined the hotel for code violations including hiring undocumented workers and rats. Even the city wants them out so they are finding ways to harass them.

    • Catch-22 says:

      The very same reason so many hotels killed all the cats in Miami, when all the stray cats were spreading hookworm in all the beaches in Miami a while back. Community-vermin cats create health-code violations too.

      • Michele Massa says:

        Catch 22 this is about great news that a vile, evil monster who thought it was funny to order an employee to stalk and murder a cat with a deadly weapon on the street in broad daylight is getting what they deserve. Not about whatever cat hating bullshit you are posting. Cats do not transmit this disease to humans moron so get off this site. You and Viso would probably be great friends. You are vermin. We should wipe you out.

        • Catch-22 says:

          Note to catch-22 from Admin. Your comment has been deleted because you called a contributor a liar. That is not allowed and u have been banned.

          • Michele Massa says:

            If you are suggesting that cats should be murdered because they may transmit a disease assuming you are correct you should rot in Hell. You are a sick person if that is what you believe. Then we should kill everyone who has AIDS, zika, herpes, etc. If you are that concerned about it you would help TNR groups to prevent any more ferals from having litters. That would be if you were a normal, compassionate human being instead of a cat hating monster that wants to kill. You and Viso should burn in Hell.

            • Catch-22 says:

              Why waste money TNR’ing a cat? Just throw it into traffic, how it’s going to die anyway, and get it over with. Money saved and the colony dies-out in days, not decades.

              • Michael Broad says:

                Note to Catch-22: I don’t have cruel people on my site. You are therefore banned.

              • Michele Massa says:

                Thanks for helping me to prove my point about you being an evil monster. Hope you get thrown into traffic, the world would be a much better place.

                • Michael Broad says:


                  • Darsen D. says:

                    Amen, to what? All you are doing is applauding Michele throwing her TNR cats under the wheels of cars as a way to reduce cat populations by using TNR. Precisely what the original poster stated.

                    I guess you love road-kill cats more than loved and cared-for house-cats too. Just like your Michele “loves” cats. It makes one wonder why you aren’t throwing your own cats under the wheels of moving cars, if you applaud loving cats in the same way that Michele does.

                    You do realize that anyone reading this will come to the very same conclusion about you. Don’t you?

                    • Michael Broad says:

                      I have no idea what point you’re making. I suppose you’re saying that TNR results in cats being killed on roads. But that is simply not true. Yes, some cats are killed on roads but you have no idea of the percentages. I do know. And it is quite a low percentage as it happens. You need to do more research. Clearly you are a person who does not like cats and therefore you latch onto any possible topic in order to express your views. You need to open your mind and think a bit more. You need to think logically and more scientifically.

            • Michael Broad says:

              Michele, I am sorry that you had to put up with this person. I have banned him/her.

              • Michele Massa says:

                Hi Michael, Thank you for not allowing him to hijack your post away from the good news about Strushie with his sick cat hating rantings. I would not be surprised if he were a friend of Strushie’s murderers. Every one should know that it has been proven on the recovered video that Viso tried to destroy the video showing Lollias stalked poor Strushie while she was sleeping in the bushes of the alley next to the hotel, stood over her, shot her directly in the head. She had to be in excruciating pain. It is seen that she runs and Lollias chases her and shoots her in the head again and the arrow comes out through her mouth. Lollias runs into the hotel with the crossbow as seen on video. One of her caretakers heard her screaming, found her alive under a dumpster and rushed her to a vet. She could not be saved but she died in agony. Would you want to stay at a hotel with these evil bastards? It is really fishy that Lollias got deported before he could stand trial for 2 felony counts of animal cruelty and walking around in public with a cross bow. I think the expensive lawyer Viso paid for made that happen. He cannot rat out Viso and Schneider for a lesser sentence from Greece. But they will still get theirs.

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