Rare Sphynx cat up for adoption at animal shelter but is unwanted

It is ironic, very ironic that this classic looking purebred hairless cat, a Sphynx called ‘Sassy Pants’, has been relinquished to a animal shelter, adopted twice and returned twice. It appears that she is unpopular, almost unwanted and yet breeders breed these cats because they believe that they are desirable.

“She is super friendly and loves people. She is an unusual looking cat and we find most people get put off when they come in but when they meet her they love her. She is not shy and that changes a lot of people’s minds when they meet her, which is a good thing.

She’s going to need a big home to stroll about in because she would be stressed in a small place. She needs an indoor home and a garden would be good so she can get out on her lead. She settled in so well here that I don’t think it will be a problem settling in another home.”


Sasy Pants
Sasy Pants. Photo: JSPCA.
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It is doubly ironic because Sassy Pants was the model for a promotional photoshoot.

Sasy Pants
Sasy Pants in commercial photo shoot. Photo: unknown – sorry.

I suppose the moral behind this story is that the Sphynx cat is one of the purebreds you either love or hate. The appearance will put a good number of people off. I am not sure if they are put off by the appearance because they disagree with the idea of breeding cats with defective anatomy or because they see a cat who is relatively high maintenance.

Sasy Pants. Photo: JSPCA.
Sasy Pants. Photo: JSPCA.

But they are not difficult to maintain. You have to keep them indoors in the summer with limited excursions outdoors, on a leash for their protection, because they get sunburnt. You have to chamois leather them down once in a while to clean their skin! It gets oily apparently. And they are not hypoallergenic by which I mean if you are allergic to cats you’ll be allergic to Sphynx cats because the allergen that causes people to itch is in the cat’s saliva and hairless cats groom themselves like any other cat. Their skin has the allergen on it.

“The Sphynx cat is highly active, vocal, and intelligent, with a passionate need to explore everything within reach…They have been called ‘part monkey, part dog, part child, and part cat'” – Gloria Stephens Legacy of the Cat

In general the Sphynx cat has a nice character. They are bit monkey-like in their behavior. They are said to be smart.

She is at JSPCA – Jersey SPCA at Saint Helier, Jersey

4 thoughts on “Rare Sphynx cat up for adoption at animal shelter but is unwanted”

  1. Michael, I listed her on Sphynxlair. I don’t know if anyone is close to there but that is a place to find good rehoming for Sphynx cats.

  2. Why would a Vet visit cost more for a Sphynx? Not in US. Actually vets seem to want to have mine in their practice here. She is not as “high maintenance” as all that. She is truly a lap cat and loves to snuggle. Some people bathe them, I use baby wipes because then she isn’t totally soaked. Like every other cat, she cleans herself. When she sleeps with the others it is very warm and sometimes she actually needs the bath but not always. I don’t know if I am allowed to it the name of the Sphynx website here but more about the breed and rejoining is available there.


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