Minimalist cat art by Asian American artist Anita Yan Wong

Anita Yan Wong art work of a cat

Anita Yan Wong is an Asian American Women Artist best known for her expressive brush strokes and unique style of “Contemporary Traditional” paintings that defies tradition and modernity. The artist, who taught at UC Berkeley S.F. extension California in recent years, is a 4th generation Lingnan painter (which originated in southern China in the …

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Brilliant, compassionate Ai Weiwei loves cats and finds them more interesting than humans

Ai Weiwei with 2 of his 3 cats. These 2 are Shadow a black cat and Yellow the ginger tabby and white. The 3rd is Half

If you are a cat lover this article should both interest and please you in equal measure. Please don’t skim it and please read to the end as the last bit is the best 👍✔️😉. Ai Weiwei is a very famous contemporary artist and an activist. He was and is openly critical of the …

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Ukrainian artists use cats to cock a snook at Russian invaders

Ukrainian graffiti artists defy Russian invasion with cats

The Ukrainian defiance in the face of overwhelming numbers in the Russian invasion of their country is impressive and inspiring. The Ukrainians have at least 3 reasons going for them which will help them win. They are truly motivated. The Russians are not. There is no stronger motivation than to fight for your country …

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Contemporary artist Ai Weiwei provides an insight into how he works with the help of cat behaviour

Ai Weiwei marble toilet roll and playful cat

Ai Weiwei is a very well-known contemporary artist from China who has been banished from his country as he’s been condemned as a ‘rightist’. He has said and done the wrong things and been outcast. In 2011 he disappeared for 81 days in a Chinese prison. And he has spent four years under house …

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Benedict Cumberbatch to star in a cat movie!

Benedict Cumberbatch and Claire Foy

Benedict Cumberbatch is playing the lead role in a film about Louis Wain, the eponymous and cat-loving English artist who is famous for his drawings of anthropomorphized cats and kittens. Mr Cumberbatch is playing opposite Claire Foy who plays Emily Richardson-Wain his wife. The film is being made and I don’t when it will …

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