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Why is my cat not drinking?

Why is my cat not drinking?

If you ask “why is my cat not drinking” there may be three possibilities (1) he is drinking normally but you expect him to drink more (2) he is not drinking enough when fed dry cat food and (3) he has a mouth condition making it painful to drink.

Do cats prefer cold water?

Do Cats Prefer Cold Water?

It is probably fair and sensible to say that today’s domestic cats prefer cold water because it is an inherited trait from their wild cat ancestor living in North Africa and Asia. Also domestic cats have become habituated to drinking freshwater straight out of the faucet or bottled water out of the fridge.

Milk or water for your cat?

Do Cats Prefer Milk or Water?

The domestic cat’s liking of milk is legendary. Therefore it is probably fair to say that cats prefer milk to water. However, it is better to provide your cat with water because it is a natural constituent part of an adult cat’s diet whereas milk is not.

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