Can cats get toxoplasmosis from drinking unpasteurized milk?

Farm cat about to drink some unpasteurised cow's milk which might expose them to a T. gondii infection

Yes, cats can get toxoplasmosis from drinking unpasteurised milk. This is interesting because it still remains the case that in many countries people think that the domestic cat will enjoy a saucer of milk and sometimes it will be unpasteurised. Cow’s milk is not ideal for domestic cats as estimates suggest that a significant …

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Kitten feeding station, breast feeder containing milk formula in action plus formula info

Kittens suckle at an artificial feeder

I’ve never seen this device before probably because I don’t breed cats! Bringing cats into the world is a big decision and responsibility. The video is quite nice and interesting. Notice how the kittens’ ears move backwards and forwards in sync. with their sucking. I guess the muscles employed to suck the milk also …

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Reason why cats massage you

Kittens kneading

Strictly speaking it’s not massage! There is one reason why domestic cats ‘massage’ their owner. And it is not really massaging as I am sure many of you know. The word ‘massage’ is misleading because although it looks a bit like massage it ain’t. When and how it might happen All cat owners have …

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Woman feeds Siamese kitten like a baby with bottled milk. Kind or misguided?

Siamese cat drinks milk from a baby bottle while being cradled as a baby

This is an unusual story which comes from South Africa, and I’m pleased to pick it up because it is a little bit different, and it is about something which I have an opinion. A video on Facebook shows a “domestic worker” feeding a Siamese kitten with milk from a baby bottle as if …

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Why can cats tolerate mother’s colostrum but cannot tolerate cow’s milk?

Kittens drinking their mother's colostrum

A lot of websites say that cats are lactose intolerant meaning that they can’t drink the milk that humans drink (some humans are lactose intolerent too, by the way). The reason is because they don’t have the enzyme lactase in order to digest lactose in milk sugar. When a cat is lactose intolerant it …

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