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Blind cat

How can I tell if my cat is blind?

How can I tell if my cat is blind or has impaired vision? I think that this is quite a good question because although often it may be obvious, on other occasions it might...

Cat is unaware that an earthquake is about to strike

Can cats sense an earthquake coming? No!

Can cats sense an earthquake coming? No, based on the videos I have seen and studies that I have read. I’ve just watched several TikTok videos of cats when an earthquake arrived. Every one...

Gabs sits on tablecloth because it felt warmer than the cold stone kitchen counter

Do cats feel the cold (and cold objects)?

Yes, unquestionably, domestic cats feel the cold and cold objects. My first argument is that if cats feel the warmth then they must be able to feel the cold. We know that cats like...

Does this dog really look like a cat?

Dogs smell signs of cancer – cats too

Yes, this page starts off with the fact that dogs smell signs of cancer and seamlessly slides into cats…! And back to dogs again. The rules of social interaction are very similar and overlap...

Samson with stroller in background on his balcony in NYC

Are cats sensitive to human emotions?

Are cats sensitive to human emotions? Insofar as human emotions affect body language, “most cats are extraordinarily sensitive to human body language, much more so than they usually receive credit for”. The quote comes...

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