When Using a Water Pistol on Your Cat Is Not Punishing Your Cat

Water pistol used on cat

The title to this article sounds improbable but I’d like to explain what I mean. We should all know by now that punishing your cat as an act of training is very wrong. It does not work. I think that’s commonsense. If you punish your cat he/she will see you as strange creature to …

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Domestic cat is not enjoying 21st century living

The domestic cat is not enjoying modern life. They are too stressed being forced to live close together. The stress makes them ill with cystitis and dermatitis which are on the increase. Unlike dogs, the cat is still halfway between a domestic and a wild animal, and it’s not enjoying 21st century living (Dr. …

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Best selling author agrees with PoC on cat punishment

Temple Grandin, in association with Catherine Johnson, in their book “Animals Make Us Human” agrees with me and other PoC supporters and regulars (who are very important to this website in getting the message across) that.. “…you can’t train a cat using punishment and negative reinforcement….” Click on this link if you’d like to …

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Don’t Punish Your Cat

This Christmas (2009) would you punish your cat for doing this? Please leave a comment – Photo by collinj If I saw a cat owner punishing their cat to try and stop the cat doing something that they simply didn’t like, who should I decide deserves to be punished? The person or the cat? …

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