Veterinarian warns that the cat flea can survive the winter

The cat flea can survive the winter even outside for a short time in pupae stage at temps of -1 degree Celsius

News media reports that a vet and technical services manager at a pharmaceutical company, Jamie Walker, has reminded people that the cat flea can survive winter, which I think is a useful reminder. People associate the cat flea with warmer weather but it is not quite as straightforward as that. Proactive steps throughout the …

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How do feral cats deal with fleas?

Bad flea infestation on a kitten who is probably anemic as a result

By and large feral cats put up with fleas; that’s how they deal with them. They accept them as a way of life and tolerate them because they have to. It’s strange because I’ve just written a story about a cat hoarding man in the UK. He was hoarding domestic cats and people outside …

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If you hate cat fleas the best place to live in America is Colorado

Colorado, USA, a place where there are less cat fleas!

Someone asked the question whether fleas don’t exist at a certain elevation above sea level. It’s a good question because my reference book on veterinary treatments for cats states that all cats can be affected by the cat flea “except for those living at higher elevations, because fleas do not live above 5,000 feet”. …

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Multiple pets? Cat flea problem? 4 things that should interest you.

Cat fleas cannot fly

The Cuyahoga Falls Veterinary Clinic in Ohio, USA, provides American citizens with some excellent advice about flea control in their homes. There are 4 things in their advice which caught my eye and which I would like to pass on. As part of the cat flea life cycle the pupae stage is important because …

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Killing cat fleas by drowning and using soap

Cat flea

There is a lot of talk on the Internet about killing cat fleas by drowning and using soap. I’d like to discuss these options in this article. Do cat fleas live on dogs? Can flea collars make cats sick? Drowning You can drown fleas if you force them underwater and hold them there for …

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