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Ringworm notes in an infographic

Infographic on ringworm notes plus a tip

I have labelled this infographic ‘ringworm notes’ as it is a very compact note form image containing essential information about ringworm in cats which can and does infect humans, specifically the cat’s caregiver. I...

Cat has a bug that looks like rice coming out of butt

16 tips on cat worms and deworming

Here are 16 tips on cat worms (endoparasites); one of the most unpleasant parasites to bug cats. Although a lot of cats tolerate worms because the most successful worm is the one who does...

Ixodes holocyclus, the Australian paralysis tick

Tick paralysis in cats

There is a story in the Australian news media about the rise in tick paralysis in Gold Coast dogs and cats. I immediately discovered that it is an incredibly serious disease. Certain species of...

Notoedres cati mite

How do indoor domestic cats get mange?

Full-time indoor domestic cats should not get mange but they might. Mange is caused by an external parasite called a mite which lives on and in the skin of the host animal. There are...

Ear mite

How can indoor cats get ear mites?

Other associated questions are: “Where do ear mites come from? and how do cats get ear mites?” Ear mites (Otodectes cynotis) are about the size of a pinhead. Indoor cats get ear mites from...

Tick on cat

Do ticks cause pain in cats?

Do ticks cause pain in cats? The answer is, yes, but they cause pain indirectly because they transmit diseases to cats and it is these diseases which cause pain. The act of a tick...

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