The inscrutable expressionless domestic cat has 276 facial expressions!

Happy cat

You may be one of those people – there are many – who think that the domestic cat is independent, aloof and almost expressionless. This much admired companion animal does not give much away in facial expressions because they can’t allow themselves to as a survival instinct. However, a recent study revealed that domestic …

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Unneutered male cats have a more masculine facial appearance compared to neutered male cats

Tomcat jowls created by the presence of testosterone

This is a discussion about whether the neutering of male cats (castration) changes their facial appearance. It can also have an impact on their overall appearance indirectly i.e. lower metabolism leading to putting on weight. But I’m focusing on the face. My argument is that it feminises the male cat face by making it …

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The good human face of an anti-declaw politician

Gwendolyn W. "Wendy" Gooditis

I’m speaking about Gwendolyn Wallace Gooditis. She is an American real estate agent and politician. She is a Democrat and was elected to represent Virginia’s 10th House of Delegates district in the Virginia House of Delegates. I bet she is a good real estate agent because she looks so honest. It’s nice to have …

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