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Intact male (foreground), wandering yowling, intact female (background)

What is an intact cat? Full discussion.

The word “intact” nearly always concerns domestic cats. Both the neutering of males and spaying of females takes a piece of anatomy away from them. For the male cat the operation is the removal...

I prefer the unneutered male cat appearance

Is there anyone else who prefers the unneutered male cat appearance, as I do? I’m only referring to one aspect of the appearance of unneutered male cats: the head shape. It would be interesting...

Justice for the cat who was tortured by an attempted DIY castration

Man tried to do a DIY cat castration

Do you become as enraged as I do by stories like this? This is the extraordinary story of an unqualified Michigan man who thought he would save money by neutering a male domestic cat...

Cat neutering

Cat: “Where r my balls?” Text video

Have you seen this? It’s clever; making a video out of text messages on Facebook. It raises that philosophical question about a male cat’s balls 🙂 In the video a male, neutered cat discusses...

Testosterone in cats does not improve hunting skills

Are intact cats better hunters?

This is a follow up to Elisa’s article about a man who kept his cats intact (i.e. not neutered or spayed) because he believed that they were better hunters. He is employing his cats...

Does neutering cats stunt growth?

Does neutering cats stunt growth?

Neutering male cats does not stunt their growth. This is made clear in a number of reference works that I have access to including an online study published on a reliable website. Early-age neutering of male cats can produce longer legs in the cat.

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