Free to use picture of a Ragdoll cat mother and her three kittens in front of a cosy fire

Ragdoll mother and her three kittens in front of a cosy fire

The image was created by DALL-E 3. This is a remarkable AI program. It can produce photographic-quality images. And other genres of image. For example, here is a watercolour version of the same image: RELATED: Ragdoll cat the most popular breed in Australia because they are good indoor cats What makes the Ragdoll cat …

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Revealed AI decides on the best-selling or most popular cat toys in the US

Picture of a kitten playing with a colourful cat tease

I asked three AI chat bots for their recommendations on the best-selling or most popular cat toys in the US. Two of them, Gemini and ChatGPT were reticent to provide a positive answer while the third, Bing’s Copilot was far more positive and specified certain toys. I am unsure what the best answer is …

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Cat-roses and flower-cats


The news today is that gullible eBay shoppers have become the victims of a very clever scam in which some Chinese entrepreneurs have used artificial intelligence image-making technology to create photos of pretty flowers which look like cats! They been advertised on eBay and as you can imagine some people have been taken in …

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Artificial intelligence (AI) undermines the Internet

Ai tech ‘steals’ internet content is massive automated scan and regurgitates it after processing it when asked questions

OPINION: I would argue that AI undermines the Internet and I’ve created an Infographic in the form of a flowchart which is one way of representing what is happening. There are other aspects to this but this is how I see it. This is a 2-page article, please note. Big publishers sue AI The …

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‘Whispers of the Silver Moon’ – a fantasy story inspired by Warrior Cats

Whispers of the Silver Moon - a fantasy Warrior Cats story written and illustrated by AI - Bing's Copilot and DALL E 3

Chapter One: Shadows in the Bramble Thicket The moon hung low in the sky, casting its silvery glow upon the forest floor. Dew-kissed leaves rustled as a patrol of ThunderClan warriors moved silently through the bramble thicket. At their lead was Silverstar, a sleek silver tabby with eyes as sharp as flint. “Keep your senses …

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Paws Across the Cosmos – AI fantasy story about a cat meeting a dog on a faraway planet

Fantasy story of cat meeting a dog on a faraway planet written by Bing Copilot and illustrated by DALL E 3

In the distant reaches of the galaxy, where stars whispered secrets to one another and nebulae painted the void with iridescent hues, there existed a planet unlike any other. Its name was Zephyria, a place where magic flowed through the very air, and creatures from different worlds coexisted in harmony. On Zephyria, the skies shimmered …

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The computer coding nerds will inherit the Earth not the meek

Artificial intelligence may be more devastating to humanity than the hydrogen bomb

AI is a threat to democracy and is more dangerous than H-bombs or perhaps they’ll work together in their destruction with the former preceding the latter. The nerds that created artificial intelligence computing are in the same category as J Robert Oppenheimer who created the atomic bomb. Both have the potential to destroy the …

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How good are AI generated cat pictures in Jan 2024?

Tabby cat picture created by AI

I have stated the date because AI is improving all the time and pretty rapidly. I use the DALLE. E 2 AI computer ( sometimes to create cat images. It is useful to check the quality of cat images created by this platform. I asked DALLE to create 2 images with these simple instructions: …

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