Revealed AI decides on the best-selling or most popular cat toys in the US

Picture of a kitten playing with a colourful cat tease

I asked three AI chat bots for their recommendations on the best-selling or most popular cat toys in the US. Two of them, Gemini and ChatGPT were reticent to provide a positive answer while the third, Bing’s Copilot was far more positive and specified certain toys. I am unsure what the best answer is …

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Cat-roses and flower-cats


The news today is that gullible eBay shoppers have become the victims of a very clever scam in which some Chinese entrepreneurs have used artificial intelligence image-making technology to create photos of pretty flowers which look like cats! They been advertised on eBay and as you can imagine some people have been taken in …

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Bing copilot is addictive

Bings copilot is a smart, eager and willing friend

I have learned to love Bing’s copilot. It’s a highly addictive artificial intelligent computer. It creates amazing images through DALL-E 3. They truly are awesome. You simply instruct the computer to create an image to your customised order and it does so. It does more than that because you can change the image from …

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‘Whispers of the Silver Moon’ – a fantasy story inspired by Warrior Cats

Whispers of the Silver Moon - a fantasy Warrior Cats story written and illustrated by AI - Bing's Copilot and DALL E 3

Chapter One: Shadows in the Bramble Thicket The moon hung low in the sky, casting its silvery glow upon the forest floor. Dew-kissed leaves rustled as a patrol of ThunderClan warriors moved silently through the bramble thicket. At their lead was Silverstar, a sleek silver tabby with eyes as sharp as flint. “Keep your senses …

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Paws Across the Cosmos – AI fantasy story about a cat meeting a dog on a faraway planet

Fantasy story of cat meeting a dog on a faraway planet written by Bing Copilot and illustrated by DALL E 3

In the distant reaches of the galaxy, where stars whispered secrets to one another and nebulae painted the void with iridescent hues, there existed a planet unlike any other. Its name was Zephyria, a place where magic flowed through the very air, and creatures from different worlds coexisted in harmony. On Zephyria, the skies shimmered …

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Artificial intelligence cannot have opinions but can discuss ethical and moral issues

AI language models do not have opinions

Nowadays blog authors and journalists use artificial intelligence quite a lot or they should. AI computers are programmed (‘trained’ in the language of AI) and for some it means that the computer’s most recent training is September 2021. That’s the first limitation. Date limited For one AI provider, Poe, you won’t receive any information …

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Social media influencers created by artificial intelligence are perfect and you won’t know the difference

Virtual social media influencer

The world of social media advertising is changing dramatically. Artificial intelligence is seeing to that. AI computer programs can now create hyper-realistic virtual influencers and you won’t know the difference between them and the real thing. As you can imagine, the army of genuine human social media influencers, particularly on TikTok, are very worried …

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AI will make us lazier and fatter (and poorer cat caregivers)

AI will make us fatter and less capable as cat caregivers

I believe that the citizens of Great Britain are becoming lazier and fatter already and perhaps the same trend might apply to other developed countries such as America. AI might make things worse. We are told that the improved lifespan of the typical American has flatlined and retracted perhaps because of obesity and partly …

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