Jaguarundi sighting in western Massachusetts

Escaped pet jaguarundi in western Massachusetts

I recently received an interesting email from John Goodnough who lives in western Massachusetts, USA. His email is immediately below, word for word. John is a thoughtful person and in my view his conclusions are correct. My response to his email is set out below John’s. Hi, I live in western Massachusetts. I have …

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Jaguarundi – a comprehensive and fully illustrated page

Jaguarundi in captivity

Overview: The jaguarundi (Herpailurus yagouaroundi) is the most common wild cat in South and Central America. It can be tamed and is widely distributed. In has been a difficult wild cat to scientifically classify. It looks more like a marten that a cat (see a nice camera trap photograph). It is the only South …

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The cat with the most pronounced ‘ticked’ coat

The cat with the most pronounced ‘ticked coat’ is the jaguarundi, a small wild cat species. The picture of a jaguarundi on this page illustrates this extraordinarily ticked coat. The cat fancy (domestic cat breeders) use the term ‘ticked’ to describe an agouti coat in which each hair strand has color banding with black, …

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Jaguarundi Picture

by Michael (London, UK) People ask to see a Jaguarundi picture. Although there are decent pictures of this interesting looking species of small wildcat on the main page (Jaguarundi) this page has some supplemental pictures. One of the best pictures comes from the Smithsonian’s National Zoo. They have some special photographs of the wildcats …

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