World’s first albino ocelot is worrying for conservationists

Albino ocelot discovered in Columbia

The wild cat news today is that the world’s first albino ocelot has been discovered in Colombia. And the news is not good because the discovery indicates that deforestation in Colombia is resulting in inbreeding of wild cat species because of fragmented habitat resulting in small population sizes. This assessment is made because albinism …

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Let’s think of the endangered wild cats

North China leopard

Introduction: This is a modified e-zine article I wrote on June 18, 2009. Yes, 13 years ago and it still very relevant today which is why I have converted it into an article. The Small Wildcats ..and one Big cat Before I started to build this website some 2 years ago (note: this was …

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Why are snow leopards endangered (2022)?

Snow leopard - superb cat and background

People ask, why are snow leopards endangered? The reason is because of us. This page adds some detail to that statement and refines it. In fact, this page is about the snow leopard’s status in the wild and its conservation. The sources for this page are: Wild Cats of the World (WoW) and the …

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Sumatran tiger 2022 – critically endangered

Sumatran tiger

The story of the Sumatran tiger is a very sad one. It is the beginning of the end of the road for this cat’s presence in the wild. The disappointing truth is that the experts don’t even know, through ineffectual estimates, the number of adult Sumatran tigers that are left on the planet. I …

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Roads and rat poison, the biggest killers of the caracal on Cape Peninsula

Cape Peninsula caracal

NEWS AND COMMENT: It’s reported that there are fewer than 60 caracals remaining on the Cape Peninsula, that beautiful part of the world which is loved by many people. Clearly there are too many people and too many cars and too many roads. When you build roads across the habitat of a medium-sized wild …

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Heroic effort to evacuate lions and tigers from Ukraine to Poland during Putin’s invasion

Lion and tiger cubs - part of the group of zoo animals evacuated from sanctuary near Kyiv to Poland

NEWS AND COMMENT: The Save Wild sanctuary east of Kyiv decided to evacuate after Putin’s forces invaded Ukraine nine days ago. They decided to take six lions, four tigers, two caracals and an African wild dog to the border with Poland. It turned out to be a heroic and traumatic journey both for the …

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