China is a CITES contracting party but should they be?

Tiger farms, China

Yes, China is a CITES contracting party. But is China playing the game with a straight bat? Is China doing what it should be doing under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora? CITES has some strengths. Its existence is an indication of the concern we have over …

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Boris Johnson rightly says that Chinese medicine is “demented”

Traditional Chinese medicine

I admire Boris Johnson for stating that traditional Chinese medicine is demented. He blamed this ancient medicine based on superstition without any science for unleashing the devastating coronavirus pandemic. And I agree with him. He made this outspoken statement, which needed to be made by a leader, to a virtual gathering of world leaders …

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Asians who eat tiger penis soup do so because they are anxious

Tiger penis soup

The eating of tiger body parts including the tiger’s penis by some people and cultures in Asian is a consequence of their anxiety. It’s a superstition which helps to reduce anxiety and therefore there is a placebo, mental health benefit but it is the only one. It allows the person eating the soup to …

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Taxidermist traded tigers’ heads and rhino horns

Aaron Halstead

OPINION ARTICLE BASED ON NEWS STORY: I am stressing that this is an opinion article because I have strong opinions about this sort of person. He is clearly an objectionable person who has no concern about animal welfare and who has joined in the exploitation of wild animals. He is a taxidermist from Burnley …

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South African animal welfare chief accused of animal cruelty

Lions with total mange on John Steinman's farm in SA

This is a case of horrendous hypocrisy and equally horrendous animal neglect, abuse and cruelty. The story also highlights, once again, the state of disarray, corruption and animal exploitation that takes place in South Africa with respect to lions. It is a great shame and a travesty of animal rights that the lion, one …

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European Union failing to support developing countries to stop wildlife trafficking

It is shocking to be told that thousands of products made from tigers, elephants, rhinos and other endangered species are being traded in Britain and throughout the European Union.  The reason is poor and disjointed controls at ports and airports.  It’s another European Union mess to put it frankly. It is estimated that only …

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