180,000 cat mummies ground into fertilizer in UK

Ancient Egyptian cat mummy in a tomb

This is a fascinating – and slightly horrifying – story from the 19th century. 🙀 Here’s the story: in the 1800s, there was a booming trade in mummies and mummy parts. Egyptians mummified a lot of animals, especially cats, which were sacred creatures in their culture. Victorians, however, didn’t see these mummies as cultural …

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Mummified walled up cats for sale on ebay. Is this ethical?

Mummified walled up cat

At the time of this post there are two mummified cats for sale on ebay. One is described as a “MUMMIFIED WITCH’S CAT – WALLED UP – GAFF 18th CENTURY” and the other as a “Real Rare Mummified Cat With Rat And 2 Mice From The Haunted Museum”. A third on offer appears to …

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Great find in Egypt of cat mummies. How did the cats die?

At the date of this post, Egyptian egyptologists are ecstatic at the recent discovery of a cache of 75 wooden and bronze statues and five lion cub mummies at the Saqqara necropolis near the famous Giza pyramids in Cairo. They were found at the foot of the Bastet Temple where cats were worshipped in …

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Cat mummies were sometimes part of a scam organised by unscrupulous priests

3-D printed version of a CT scan of a cat mummy containing the bones of 3 cats but missing many bones and a head

In ancient Egypt cat mummies were offered to the gods for a favour or a sign of the person’s gratitude to the gods or God. A recent CT scan of a cat mummy indicates to some researchers that priests were sometimes involved in ‘cat mummy scams’. This is because the larger mummies sold for …

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Ancient Egyptian cats were nearly all very large mackerel tabbies?

A few hundred mummified Egyptian cats exist in museums and analysis of some of the remains reveals that they are mackerel tabby cats like the North African wildcat. I suppose that result might be expected. However, these mummified remains were of cats that existed 2000 years after the first domestication of the North African …

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