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Lion cub tries to roar

Lion cub tries to roar and it’s cute

This is a cute video of a lion cub trying to roar (we think). The facial expression suggests that this sweet cub is trying to roar like his parents. I believe that the cub...

King - a lion cub rescued from a Paris apartment

Does Europe have an exotic pet trade problem?

Almost all the time we read about ownership of exotic pets the stories emanate from the United States where there are plenty of private zoos and obsessions with possessing lions and tigers (and shooting...

Lion cub rescued by mother

Pictures of lion cub rescued by mother

This picture series of a lion cub being rescued by his mother are by Jean-Francois Lagrot. An excellent series of photographs. [weaver_show_posts cats=”” tags=”lion-cubs” author=”” author_id=”” single_post=”” post_type=” orderby=”date” sort=”ASC” number=”3″ show=”full” hide_title=”” hide_top_info=”1″...

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