Guinness World Records in turmoil over oldest dog record due to lax checks

Bobi with Guinness World Records certificate

Can we trust Guinness World Records? I’m sure that many of their records have been thoroughly verified and are indeed verifiable. But it appears that some records have not been verified properly or they can be circumvented leading to incorrect record holders. I have always had difficulties with Guinness records. They dropped the smallest …

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List of oldest living and deceased domestic cats 2023

Henry who was at one time the oldest living domestic cat

Here is a spreadsheet listing the oldest living and deceased domestic cats as at 2023. I have to come clean right away and say that this list although very comprehensive might not be completely current as things obviously change and quite quickly as the living elderly cats will be dying. It needs to be …

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Rosie a tortoiseshell cat is 32-years-of-age and has been to the vet twice. She beats the official Guinness record holder by five years!

Rosie with her owner Lila Brissett

Rosie is an extraordinary cat. Her owner, Lila Brissett tells us that Rosie is 32 years old. Her birthday is on June 1. Ms Bissett adopted her as a kitten in 1991. On the Guinness World Records website, they list Flossie at the age of 27 years as the oldest living domestic cat. Wrong …

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Unwillingness to eat: a classic sign that a cat is dying of old age

Michele and Rubble

People search for signs that their cat is dying of old age. I have just read about a 31-year-old Maine Coon cat living in England. The Daily Mail reported his death of old age yesterday. His name was Rubble. He lived with Michele and her husband. She describes his death which I think is …

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