Simplified experiments to check your cat’s social intelligence

Testing domestic cat social cognition

This table comes from the website. I feel the need to reproduce it verbatim in the interests of accuracy. It is a way of testing social intelligence in cats. It has been found that domestic cats are more socially intelligent than once was thought, but sadly they cling to their reputation as social …

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Cats Are Not Racists

Beautiful stray cat

The title might seem absurd. But I don’t think it is absurd to consider racism in other species, or the central core of racism: colour prejudice. And that phrase “colour prejudice” is an interesting one because with respect to domestic cats, although it has never been studied directly, there is no evidence for colour …

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Which cat species are social?

Cat queens mutual support and cooperation

The social cat species are: the lion, the cheetah and the domestic cat including free-living cats. Scientists had thought that lions and cheetahs were the only social cat species but you have to add domestic cats to that select group. Everybody knows about the lion pride. The cheetah is considered a social animal to …

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