Should I allow my female cat to have a litter of kittens to improve her personality?

Should I allow my female cat to have a litter of kittens to improve her personality? No.

Allowing your female cat to have a litter of kittensΒ solely for the purpose of improving her personality is not a recommended approach. Let’s consider the reasons: Remember, a cat’s personality is shaped by various factors, including genetics, environment, and individual experiences. Prioritize her health, happiness, and responsible pet ownership. 🐾 RELATED: Do you think …

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Domestic cat maternal aggression

Domestic cat maternal aggression is instinctive

Domestic cat maternal aggression is also referred to as maternal protective aggression. It’s what you think it is: a queen’s protective behaviour towards perceived threats to her kittens. It’s a natural instinct when she is caring for her young. In Peter Neville’s book Do Cats Need Shrinks? a client of his, Susan Swift, asked …

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Non-chemical method of female cat contraception

Non-chemical feline contraception

There have been some contraceptive pills for cats available in the past but as I understand it, they produce side effects that were unwelcome and/or they are not a hundred percent effective which is why people go for the surgical route on feline contraception. There is a third option which is artificial stimulation of …

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Female domestic cats respond particularly quickly to urgent kitten calls

Female cats responded about 10 per cent faster to kitten calls that conveyed high arousal – greater urgency – than to kitten calls that conveyed low arousal

A study found that female domestic cats responded about 10% faster to kitten calls which conveyed to them a high level of urgency compared to kitten calls which were assessed as non-urgent. Females evaluate kitten’s emotional state The conclusion of the researchers was that female cats are able to evaluate the emotional state of …

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Which cat is easiest to take care of?

My cat Gabriel

In selecting a cat to adopt your main or sole criteria might be easy maintenance! 😎 A fair point. The question is ‘which cat?’ I guess this means either an individual cat or a type of cat or a breed of cat. The answer is clear to me. The cat which is easiest to …

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What is an intact cat? Full discussion.

Intact male (foreground), wandering yowling, intact female (background)

The word “intact” nearly always concerns domestic cats. Both the neutering of males and spaying of females takes a piece of anatomy away from them. For the male cat the operation is the removal of both testicles (castration) and for the female cat, the surgery is the removal of the uterus, fallopian tubes and …

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Friendliness in cats is inherited

When dad saw his kitten for the first time

There are two important issues concerning domestic cat character: friendliness and socialisation. They do overlap but they are distinct. Whereas socialisation ‘acclimatises’ the kitten to the presence of humans and dampens down a cat’s fear of humans, friendliness can be inherited, and it is a personality trait which makes the kitten/adult bolder and more …

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