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15/22 lions from a mega pride drinking at a pond

How big can lion prides be?

This is a good picture from a video of 15 out of 22 lions from a ‘mega pride’ drinking from a pond. A pride of twenty-two lions is a good size. The person who...

Lion cubs are vulnerable to infanticide by 'takeover males'

Why do lions kill cubs?

Not all lions kill cubs, an act of infanticide. It is male lions who do it sometimes. The world of the lion is brutal and unforgiving. We know that lions live in prides or...

Cat queens mutual support and cooperation

Which cat species are social?

The social cat species are: the lion, the cheetah and the domestic cat including free-living cats. Scientists had thought that lions and cheetahs were the only social cat species but you have to add...

Cats that live in groups

Cats that live in groups

It is wrong to say that only lions live in groups because feral and stray cats live in colonies. And domestic cats in households often live in small groups too. Both the lion and...

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