What is feline superfetation? Promiscuity in human terms.

Feline superfetation

Superfetation occurs when about 10 percent of cats come into heat when pregnant. This results in a second set of eggs being fertilised before the first litter is born. It is a result of the breeding capabilities of the domestic cat. Normally pregnancy suppresses the sexual physiology of the female. However, female cats sometimes …

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Picture of four different-looking kittens found with a mother. Could they all be hers?

Four different kittens from same mom. Can they all be hers?

A social media user presents four pictures of four different kittens. They were found with a stripey mum. The person asks whether all of the kittens could be hers. The photographs are below courtesy: u/s-dai. The answer is yes because kittens in the same letter can have different fathers. The process is called superfecundation. …

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Why do these kittens look nothing like their mother?

Superfecundation in action probably

This is a photograph from the Reddit.com website and the person who posted it asked: “Why do these babies look nothing like their mother?” There are two reasons. The first is superfecundation which means that when you see a litter of kittens as you do in the photograph, they might have more than one …

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