Can cats be asexual?

Intact male tortoiseshell is asexual

I’m referring to domestic cats. The word “asexual” means to lack the desire to have sex. Both intact male and female domestic cats naturally desire to procreate and therefore have sex. It would be a rare cat indeed who was genuinely asexual because it’s in the DNA of intact domestic cats to procreate in …

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Can cats be gay? Can male cats be gay?

Can cats be gay like humans? No.

People ask Google for an answer to the above couple of questions and today, in The Times, we have an article reporting on a study into “gay behaviour” of non-human animals which I think will help answer them. The research is published in the journal Nature Communications. Same-sex sexual interactions can serve to form …

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What is feline superfetation? Promiscuity in human terms.

Feline superfetation

Superfetation occurs when about 10 percent of cats come into heat when pregnant. This results in a second set of eggs being fertilised before the first litter is born. It is a result of the breeding capabilities of the domestic cat. Normally pregnancy suppresses the sexual physiology of the female. However, female cats sometimes …

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Dogs mate with people’s legs. Cats mate with people’s arms. Discuss.

Cat has sex with the bedclothes

It seems that the domestication of dogs and cats has left them sexually frustrated. There is little outlet for their sexual urges. And for the male cat and dog these urges do exist even after neutering albeit in a reduced state. There is a similarity between dogs and cats here. Many people have experienced …

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