WARNING: Animals targeted by Hamas terrorists (video)

Israeli soldier cradles a frightened kitten during the Hamas-Israel war of October 2023

This is difficult reading and viewing but we have to face up to it. We have to face the harsh reality of what we are doing. Innocent animals and children are the most tragic victims of this war. I have to issue a warning for this video. The warning is not present on YouTube …

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Osama bin Laden forced his son Omar bin Laden to fire AK-47s at his dogs

Omar bin Laden

NEWS AND OPINION: This may interest people as it provides an insight into the behaviour of perhaps the world’s best-known, now deceased, terrorist, Osama bin Laden. He had 20-26 children! Omar bin Laden is the fourth eldest son, I am told. He is a painter and apparently, he sells is works for $8,500 a …

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