Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS) is treating shelter dogs abysmally

LAAS animal pound showing dogs in distress through neglect

This is a further report thanks to Nathan Winograd who keeps an eye on the state of play regarding animal shelters in America. Thank God for that. It needs to happen. He says, in general terms, that “animal shelters are returning to old practices, including more killing, despite declining intakes”. He believes that the …

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White Coat Waste Project effectively lobbies the American government to stop cruel animal testing funded by unwitting taxpayers

White Coat Waste Project's aim: Stop taxpayer funded animal testing in the USA

White Coat Waste Project (WCW) is a non-profit organisation of around 20+ staffers making dramatic inroads into the immoral and unjustifiable funding of cruel and wasteful experiments on dogs and other animals at home and overseas by inter alia the National Institutes of Health (NIH), American’s single largest fund of animal testing. WCW is …

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USA: what can I do to help chained/tethered dogs?

Chained dog

In the USA, Nathan Winograd, the founder and manager of The No Kill Advocacy Center has model legislation, a guide on how to get it introduced and NKAC attorneys standing by ready to help if you live in a state that does not ban dog chaining! How about that for an introduction? I don’t …

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Kremlin suggested strapping stray dogs with explosives to run at Ukraine tanks

Stray dogs in Russia

NEWS AND OPINION: The news today from the Daily Express is that Kremlin officials had plans to strap explosives to stray dogs and train them to run at Ukraine tanks. In short, they wanted stray dogs to be suicide dogs in what appears to be another desperate measure by the tyrant Putin. The idea …

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Osama bin Laden forced his son Omar bin Laden to fire AK-47s at his dogs

Omar bin Laden

NEWS AND OPINION: This may interest people as it provides an insight into the behaviour of perhaps the world’s best-known, now deceased, terrorist, Osama bin Laden. He had 20-26 children! Omar bin Laden is the fourth eldest son, I am told. He is a painter and apparently, he sells is works for $8,500 a …

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Matthew Hurst stamped on his dog because of ‘inappropriate elimination’

Matthew Hurst stamped on his dog Congo multiple times because the dog urinated and defecated inappropriately

NEWS AND OPINION – UK: Can you see the irony in the title? A young, baby-faced man, Matthew Hurst (yes, I can name him as he has been successfully prosecuted) was seen to stamp on this dog, Congo, 15 times because his dog had defecated and urinated inappropriately. Ironically, inappropriate elimination as it is …

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Journalist and security consultant discover small black puppy in Bucha trashed by drunken Russian troops

James and Buchie

NEWS AND COMMENT-BUCHA, UKRAINE: I have just read the report by Catherine Philp of The Times who compiled a war diary while she was out reporting on the Ukraine war. Her article covers the period March 27 to April 17, 2022. On a Saturday she reports that she “finally penetrated Irpin and the scale …

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