Carole Baskin speaks fluently about ending private ownership of tigers and cub handling

Carole Baskin being interviewed by Wink news

In this interview of Carole Baskin by a presenter at WINK news, she speaks eloquently and fluently about her passion, which is to phase out private ownership of tigers in the USA and to end cub handling. She wants to achieve this through her Big Cat Public Safety Act (BCPSA). She has campaigned tirelessly …

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Pet tiger wanders around West Huston, Texas and residents reach for their guns. Great picture.

Tiger roaming around West Houston having escaped someone's home where they were a pet

HOUSTON, TEXAS USA – NEWS AND VIEWS: It appears that a Houston resident kept a tiger as a pet and the tiger escaped leading to sightings of it wandering around the suburbs of Houston looking in, my opinion, nervous and not aggressive as described by some. The video shows the big cat on a …

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