Carole Baskin to close Big Cat Rescue (BCR) in Florida and sell the land

Carole Baskin

NEWS AND COMMENT – FLORIDA, USA: This is a cool development in the history of Big Cat Rescue (BCR) in Florida. It is the next logical stage in its history it seems to me. As Carole Baskin so brilliantly and successful campaigned for the Big Cat Safety Act (BCPSA) which prohibits unlicensed people from …

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Nine lions saved from jaws of death in blockaded Odessa

Odessa Zoo

NEWS AND COMMENT-ODESSA, UKRAINE: A team of war veterans, including Tom L-S, and animal activists from the animal welfare charity Breaking the Chains, and including Lionel de Lange, who runs the animal charity Warriors of Wildlife, have managed to rescue nine lions from a zoo in the Ukrainian city of Odessa as there were …

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King Tut at Big Cat Rescue – Savannah Cat or Chausie?

King Tut at BCR. F1 Chausie or Savannah?

King Tut is a wild cat hybrid. Big Cat Rescue (BCR) have decided that King Tut is a Savannah cat but they weren’t sure and they still might not be sure because his appearance, to me, is not a classic high filial Savannah cat appearance. And King Tut looks a little bit like a …

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Carole Baskin speaks fluently about ending private ownership of tigers and cub handling

Carole Baskin being interviewed by Wink news

In this interview of Carole Baskin by a presenter at WINK news, she speaks eloquently and fluently about her passion, which is to phase out private ownership of tigers in the USA and to end cub handling. She wants to achieve this through her Big Cat Public Safety Act (BCPSA). She has campaigned tirelessly …

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Black panther cub – cute roar – only it’s in Ukraine during the war

Black panther cub - melanistic leopard cub - makes a cute roar in the basement of a home in the Donbass region of Ukraine during Putin's invasion

For a reason which remains unexplained, Dr. Bandi Giri Kumar lives in an apartment in the Donbass region of Ukraine during the invasion by Putin’s forces. The problem is that he has a couple of unsuitable pets namely a full-grown leopard and a young black panther a.k.a. melanistic leopard. The melanistic leopard is very …

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Netflix did not stick to their promises to Carole Baskin about Tiger King

Carole Baskin versus Joe Exotic

The creators of Tiger King, Rebecca Chaiklin and Eric Goode, have admitted in an interview with The Los Angeles Times last year that over the five years that it took to make the documentary series things changed and evolved and they “followed it as any good storyteller does”. In other words, it is clear …

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Are lions legal in Texas?

Male lion

The answer depends upon which legal entity has custody of, or owns the lion or lions. There are different rules for individual people and organisations either for profit or non-profit. I would recommend that you read the law on this which you can find by clicking here. In essence, the answer is as follows: …

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