Why does my cat lick me?

Generous Cat

For me the answer to the question, “why does my cat lick me?” mainly comes from personal observation. Mother-kitten relationship My cat looks upon me as a mother cat. All domestic cats do the same. Our cats are kept in a state of perpetual kittenhood with us as we provide for them and unwittingly …

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Why Do Cats?

Why do cats do things that seem mystifying? Nothing that a cat does is mystifying to the cat. It is all natural behavior. A lot of what people do is truly mystifying! The answer as to why a cat does a particular thing that seems odd to us is in the instinctive behavior of …

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Why Does My Cat Lick

Why Does My Cat Lick by Michael (London, UK) Photo by Muffet (Flickr – creative commons license) People ask, “why does my cat lick” and we see it so often that we don’t think of it as behaviour that is, well, somewhat exceptional amongst all the animal species. Not odd but certainly a question …

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