Anticipatory grief on the imagined passing of your cat companion

Anticipatory grief for our cat companion occurs when we have suffered grief on the passing of a beloved pet under certain circumstances and we can foresee the same with our present cat companion or dog if the same circumstances seem likely to recur.

This is an emotion I have felt but never labelled. Now I know what it is: anticipatory grief. It’s another emotion to deal with when you foresee the loss of a beloved companion. Sandra McCune, visiting Professor in human-animal interaction in the schools of psychology and life sciences at the University of Lincoln, England …

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Why does my cat lick me?

Generous Cat

For me the answer to the question, “why does my cat lick me?” mainly comes from personal observation. Mother-kitten relationship My cat looks upon me as a mother cat. All domestic cats do the same. Our cats are kept in a state of perpetual kittenhood with us as we provide for them and unwittingly …

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How to create a lifelong bond with your cat

Make your cat happy for a close bond

There are two ways, as I see it, of creating a lifelong bond with your cat. They refer to a couple of different scenarios. This is not some sort of mysterious, magical system. It is applied common sense. Make your cat happy I have written about making your cat happy before (link to article). …

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2 reasons why it hurts more when your cat dies compared to a close relative


There are 2 reasons why it is not uncommon for cat owners to feel more distress and emotional hurt when their cat passes over the rainbow bridge than when relatives die including parents or a husband or wife. This is not a universal formula but I think it will be true on many occasions. …

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Do cats accept the touching or petting of their paws?

Cat petting acceptance and rejection road map

NO, not NORMALLY is the answer to the question in the title but there are exceptions. The paws of the hind legs are almost always out of bounds in my experience. More so than the forepaws. But after living with my cat for around 8 years and developing an ever-closer relationship, he likes me …

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Woman forced to sleep rough with her soulmate cat for about three years

Home for a homeless lady who refused to be separated from her cat

NEWS AND COMMENT-CHESTER, UK: Gareth Olsen, a tree surgeon, was clearing a field near Chester for a landlord. He stumbled upon a woman in her 50s and her soulmate cat when she waved her hand and said: “I live here”. The area where she lived had been undisturbed for a long time. News media …

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Losing your cat companion can be a deeply painful emotional experience

Skippy and Teresa Hogan

Most cat owners have a close relationship with their domestic cat companion. It can be at least as strong as any relationship between people. For many the relationship that they have with their cat is the key relationship in their lives. And I don’t want anybody who reads this to snigger and think it’s …

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Do domestic cats prefer to interact with women or men?

Cat loves woman and it is reciprocated

In general, domestic cats prefer to interact with women but this is not a black-and-white issue and the differences are not enormous between how domestic cats interact between men and women. However, my research based upon studies and employing general knowledge, the indication is that cats have a positive bias towards women. I will …

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