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The final picture of a man who died of rabies after being bitten by a rabid cat in Morocco — 5 Comments

  1. Hasn’t something gone dreadfully wrong with any humans who get a nip from an undoubtedly scared cat, who demands hysterically that the cat must be killed due to ZOMG!!! TEH RABEEZE!!! ?

    Surely, immediate prophylactic shots for the human and humane containment, observation/blood tests of the cat would make rational sense?

    I do wonder some times about the sanity of some vets and also the sanity of some people who profess to be cat lovers.

    Ignorance & hysteria are friends to no living being

    • Probably like you, Jane, I have read a number of stories about domestic and feral cats attacking for whatever reason a person and then the cat is immediately put down and the brain dissected. It’s my gut feeling but I sense that in America where rabies still exists that people are in general quite fearful or very frightened of the potential of getting rabies and so take what I would consider to be an extreme step. Perhaps they have a completely different attitude towards cats and rabies in America.

      One reason might be because in the UK rabies does not exist therefore we feel protected against it and perhaps as a consequence feel less vulnerable.

      • As rabies exists, surely the population has even more reason to to be educated and rational? Prophylaxis is the best chance anyone has of surviving.

        Hysteria, does not up the chances of anyone surviving, even if the cat is killed and tests positive. I still think my suggestion is more rational and humane.

        I have spent much time in countries where rabies is endemic. I have witnessed different attitudes to the risk. Much of Europe seems to have embraced the prophylaxis route as routine, but I would guess that health care is often more widely available to all there, unlike the USA.

        Cats do not need anymore mini pogroms than they already are cursed with.

  2. it is so sad to hear of this poor man suffering this demise. In the U.S. I’m told rabies is nonexistent in cats, but everyone and anyone who gets a nip from a cat orders the cat’s head to be cut off to test for it. I took in a neighbor’s cat that was suffering from something else and it nipped (I was told) the vet at the emergency clinic, whereby she ordered the cat destroyed and tested, against my will… Of course, OF COURSE the cat was not infected and neither was she. She was a complete be eye eee tee sea atche, by the way. A major see you next Tuesday. She didn’t care for the cat (who was docile and almost dead when presented to her) from the moment she was brought in.

    • I have to disagree with Albert,just last year we had a rabid cat in my community and was PTS then it was sent to Cornell here in NY to be confirmed it had rabies and it did,it is rare for a cat to have rabies but not uncommon and I’m really sorry for wot ye were put through,same thing happened to my neighbor and it was proven her cat didnt have rabies and then the testing facility charged her for the test,that was wrong.

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