Mail Online’s clickbait title about domestic cat zoonoses is irresponsible

Mail Online clickbait article gets it wrong on zoonoses affecting domestic cats

I like the Mail Online because they do have some good cat articles to encourage me to write but this one from the deputy health editor in America, Alexa Lardieri, is irresponsible and should not have been written. The title states that pet cats are a ‘major harborer of deadly diseases’ and that cats …

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Nebraska rabies scare is about raccoons not about domestic cats as inferred by the Daily Mail

Stanley a kitten who caught a variant of the rabies virus from a raccoon it is believed - in Nebraska, USA.

The Daily Mail online, a paper that I read sometimes and which is normally of good quality, has misrepresented a rabies scare in Nebraska, USA. The way the story has been pitched, it encourages people to believe that a five-week-old tuxedo kitten has started a rabies infection in Nebraska which might spread to other …

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Taking your Savannah cat (and any domestic cat) from the USA to the UK

Pet health certificate

I’ve been asked to look into how you can take your Savannah cat with you to the UK from the USA. This will apply to any domestic cat. The Savannah cat in question is an F3 but this is irrelevant in this instance. Note: In the UK, F2, F3 and F4 Savannah cats are …

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Can a domestic cat kill a human?

Cat attacks his owner

As the word at the beginning of the question is “can” I can discuss it theoretically. Theoretically a domestic cat could kill a human directly (physically) under very exceptional and infinitesimally rare circumstances but there are probably instances where domestic cats in countries other than in the West have killed humans indirectly by transferring …

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Why do indoor cats need rabies shots and other vaccinations for contagious diseases?

Indoor cat

Clearly, a decreased contact with other cats is a powerful way of reducing the exposure of a cat to pathogens. And if a cat is kept indoors full-time under careful caregiving and they are the only cat in that home there is no contact with other animals from which they can contract a contagious …

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