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About domestic cats and rabies

Infographic on rabies in domestic cats (USA)

The thing that I particularly don’t like about rabies in the USA in the domestic cat is that if a domestic cat for whatever reason bites a person including their owner, they might assume...


My cat caught a bat. What to do?

It depends to a certain extent where you are. I will discuss the USA and UK. This is a tricky topic partly because the advice varies depending on where you live and because the...

Cat bites shelter worker. What to do?

Cat bites shelter worker. What to do?

If a shelter worker is bitten by a domestic cat who is healthy and that cat is unknown to shelter management the question is what to do next and it is either (1) euthanasia or (2) ten-day observation. It should always be the latter.

Woman pets stray cat causing rabies alert

Rabies alert because woman pets a stray cat

In countries where there is rabies, unless you are engaged in TNR work and know the cats and are an experienced feral cat handler, don’t pet stray or feral cats because they are unsocialised....

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