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  1. Hi,
    Good article but can you include images? I found a strange patch of skin on my cat’s back while I was brushing her and am not sure if I should take her to a vet. Vets are very expensive and stress my 19 year oldcat a lot, I would rather not take her if I don’t have to but am concerned due to my kitten’s age. I have attached an image, please give me your opinion.

    Thank you,

    • Yes, I believe it is possible. Borax is alkaline and there may have been an allergic reaction. Try and remove affected objects from the home and stop using it to see what happens. Good luck.

  2. I have a black cat that was pulling her fur out on the back legs and stomach. She was almost bald back there. I started using a flee and tick medicine that had something in it for chewing lice. She stopping pulling her fur and had almost all her fur back. Think people should try this solution.

    • Great job, Carol. Can you tell us the medicine? Was it a flea/tick treatment? Not sure what you mean by “…tick medicine that had something in it for chewing lice”.

  3. My cat 19 months old has hair loss on his hind legs n anal area and around his tail. I see no sores or red areas on his skin. I do have another older cat that has colitis. What do u think may be causing the hair loss in the areas of my younger cat?

    • Hi Carla, the first thing I’d do is watch him to see if it is due to overgrooming. Most often it is. Then you have to find out why there is overgrooming (if that is the case). If can check this out and then come back to this page and leave another comment we can go from there.

  4. My 10mos old tom has 4 spots of hair loss. He’s a constant groomer. The spots are on his front R leg, hind R leg, his butt & on his low abdomen. It just started this week. The largest spot is about the size of a 50c piece.
    We have several brands of food available for him & our 4 other female cats.
    What can cause it. It looks like the mange in a way!
    Charles Johnson
    Pea Ridge, AR, 72751

    • Hello Charles. The places where the hair loss spots are indicate that it your cat is over-grooming because these spots are in easily accessible places. If he is over-grooming this is usually due to stress because grooming for a cat is a reassuring process; it makes the cat Feel better. If your cat is stressed then something is causing it. What typically causes stress is an environment in which the cat lives that is not quite ideal. An example may be too much noise or too much disruption or somebody in the house may not like cats. There may be too many changes going on or the place is not settled enough. There may be other cats coming in and out of the home who are strange cats. If I’m correct and this is over-grooming due to stress then I would look for causes based upon what I have just stated above and use your imagination. Thank you very much for visiting and asking and the best of luck.

      • He was an outdoor cat till a month ago. He’s very active. I’ve had cats all my life, up to 30 at a time on the farm. We feed between 40-60lbs cat chow/week. He came in as if he’d lived indoors from birth & unless he’s sleeping, he’s playing with the 4 other indoor cats or He hunts. He’s constantly bringing up socks, envelopes & anything he can drag/carry & sings the whole way. But he has always cleaned himself. I said he was the dirtiest or cleanest cat we’ve ever had?
        We’ve got an Appointment tomorrow @11:00 with Rose Aminal clinic in BENTONVILLE Arkansas to have him checked. We found another spot on his butt after I emailed earlier so thought we’d better have him looked at. Incase it’s allergies to grain or something.
        I’ll holler back & let ya know what the Doc says…OK?
        Thanks for the quick reply.
        Charles Johnson

        • What you say indicates it is not over-grooming, He seems to be settled and content. May be an allergy or a skin condition in that case. Good luck at the vet. If you have a second, it would nice if you could leave a one-line comment telling us what caused the problem.

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