Cell phone app understands your cat’s facial expressions

AI in cellphone app can read feline facial expressions

A cell phone (smartphone) app, in development, but in beta version called Tably, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to be able to read a domestic cat’s facial expressions to tell the owner how their cat feels. It is an interesting development on the back of previous studies which showed that domestic cats do have subtle …

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Schrödinger’s cat is an analogy for the “superposition” of quantum computers

Diagram of Schrödinger's cat thought experiment. Roughly based on Schroedingerscat3.jpg.

Quantum computing is a concept which is still being pursued as one that can be commercially exploited. It is based upon the thought experiment of Schrödinger’s cat. Or perhaps it is better to say that Schrödinger’s cat illustrates the concept of “quantum superposition”. Schrödinger’s cat In this almost unintelligible thought experiment a cat is …

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What breed is my cat? Google Lens will tell you.

What breed is my cat? Google Lens will tell you.

Recently released to the public is an app on Google Pixel smartphones which can tell you whether the photograph that you have taken is of a purebred cat or dog and if so what breed he or she is. In fact, you simply have to point the smart phone camera at your cat or dog and it will tell you at that stage.

CatRelax App


CatRelax: A musical atmosphere for relaxation or stimulation of your pet. Calm down or stimulate your cat with the most unique application of its kind! The principle is simple: Select a category Select the duration of the session Place the sound source in the same room as your cat and let the magic happen! …

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How do I make a cartoon picture of my cat? Charlie Answer: You can use Cartoonize My Pet. I discuss the software on this page: https://pictures-of-cats.org/cartoonize-my-pet.html Enjoy. And thanks for asking me! Yours is the first question using this form…. Michael (PoC)

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