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Green Fly, Yellow Flower

Many types of bug can feel pain. Discuss.

Scientists at Queen Mary University of London found that insects have an ability called ‘nociception’ which allows them to “detect potentially or actually damaging stimuli”. Humans have a similar process as the source of...

Jeremy Bentham in America

An awakening: the first laws protecting animals

Before the first laws protecting animals against human abuse were enacted there was an enlightenment about the potential of animals to suffer. The English philosopher, Jeremy Bentham, said, in response to Kant: “The question...

Facial landmarks on cat showing facial expression when in pain

Is feline kidney disease painful?

I think the best answer to the question in the title is that a cat’s diseased kidneys do not cause pain themselves but where there is chronic kidney disease there is likely to be...

Cats don't think of heaven

Do cats fear death?

No, cats do not fear death. The reason is straightforward. Cats are not self-aware by which I mean self-conscious. Some people will dispute that statement. I’ll proceed though. As they are not self-aware when...

Scottish Fold

Why are Scottish Folds in pain?

The question in the title presupposes that all Scottish Fold cats suffer from chronic pain but my research indicates that this is not necessarily true. Whether a Scottish Fold suffers chronic and severe pain...

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