A question about a feral cat’s aggressive behavior

Aggressive feral cat

By Karen (Vermont): I have had many strays. This particular cat was hiding in our shed and wood pile as a kitten all last winter. Now it is coming right up to the house meowing and hissing for food. In the last three weeks it has become more demanding and agitated. The other day …

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Nauseating picture of a cougar strapped to a Lamborghini

Rich sport hunter ties his shot cougar to the back of his Lambo

This is a personal tirade. Almost a rant. Sorry, but this man’s behavior makes me angry. He appears to have asked his wife (or a friend) to photograph him with his son as he holds the head of the cougar that he just shot dead on a hunting trip. A very pleasant (not) family …

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West Texas Big Bobcat Contest is grotesque and cruel

West Texas bobcat killing contest

In Texas they have a bobcat shooting contest called the West Texas Big Bobcat Contest. And on Twitter X, Christina, an animal advocate, has posted a photograph (see below) of competitors bringing in their shot bobcats I guess for weighing to see whether they’ve won the competition. To me, it looks grotesque and callously …

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American veterinarian criticises fellow vets for doing non-essential surgery such as declawing and tail docking

Dr Mike Petty DVM

Michael Petty DVM is a graduate of the veterinary school of Michigan State University. He owns the Arbor Pointe Veterinary Hospital. In an article which has been posted on Facebook, he criticises his fellow veterinarians for conducting non-essential surgery: cat declawing, dog tail docking and ear cropping. It is very rare for a veterinarian …

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Do animals experience pain during and after animal experiments?

Does animal testing cause pain?

Although it appears to be a dumb question, it’s a fair one that demands a reasonable answer. Although I detest animal testing, we have to have a critical and balanced discussion about it. Common sense tells me that animals experience pain in animal testing. Am I correct? Perhaps a sub-question would be: “How much …

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Cat Pain Detector assesses portrait photo. Available now.

Cat Pain Detector by careology

This is available right now online using a laptop. I’ve just used it. I used a photo of a Bengal cat that I had on file. He is not my cat. This cat looks healthy and not in pain. In fact, he is a rescue cat who’s been at a shelter for 12 months …

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Is cat euthanasia ALWAYS painless?

I am asking the question whether euthanising a cat with sodium pentobarbital is genuinely painless

We, the cat owning public, are told that cat euthanasia is always painless. It is guaranteed. It is a humane way to say goodbye to your cat. But is it always humane and painless? When you dig around a bit you come up with the answer NO. One veterinarian, Paul, confidently states on their …

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