Pros and cons of taking your leash-trained cat to public places for walks

Woman takes her cat for a walk in the evening in suburbia

I’d like to provide my input first and secondly I have added the experiences of others with their thoughts and advice. Whether leash training and taking your cat for a walk in a public place is good or bad depends on a variety of factors, the most important of which is the character of …

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Sound healing and how the cat’s purr can help heal and relieve pain (science)

The cat's purr has healing properties are supported by scientific studies

Anecdotally we hear quite a lot about the healing powers of the cat’s purr. I decided to dig around a bit to see if I could find some scientific studies to back up the anecdotal evidence. Here are some examples of sound healing both involving the cat’s purr and other resources. The dominant frequencies …

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Every cat has their favourite way of being petted so find and deliver it to make them happy

Cat's sensitive spot

You’d agree that it is the sworn duty of all cat caregivers to keep their cat safe and make them happy. Those are the two goals and the former precedes the latter. I believe that every cat has a preferred way to be petted. There is no universal petting method. How cats like to …

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As exercise alleviates depression in people why do we allow indoor cats to be inactive all day?

A shot of endorphins helps me get through my day. What about domestic cats?

You probably know this already. Exercise helps to alleviate depression. Going outside and walking within a natural landscape is also good to lift one’s mood. If you don’t know that already then you do now! And if you are cynical and don’t believe it, you haven’t got to go far online to confirm that …

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Can cats smile?

Can cats smile. What do you think?

An often-asked question in relation to domestic cats is, “Can cats smile?” It is a question about feline emotions as you can’t smile unless you are happy, a basic emotion. The experts and the observant cat caregivers believe or know that cats can at least experience basic emotions. They can feel happy but can …

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Full-time indoor cats are being short-changed on mental stimulation

We keep cats indoors full-time primarily for the benefit of the owner

The trend towards keeping domestic cats indoors full-time, particularly in developed countries where there are predators such as the USA, has introduced an interesting dynamic into the human-to-cat relationship. For me, it questions the motivation for this aspect of cat caregiving. The Infographic below explains what I mean. I don’t want to be critical …

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9 ways to be happier including learning from your cat

9 ways to be happier which includes learning from your cat

Here are 9 ways to be happier which includes learning from your cat. According to Meik Wiking, the founder and CEO of the Happiness Research Institute (HRI) in Denmark there are eight ways to be happier and one of them means learning from your cat’s behaviour, so I’ll start with that. I have made …

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