When and how to make your cat vomit to treat poisoning

Insecticides are the most common cat poisons

I think that every cat owner should know when and how to make their cats vomit. It sounds a bit intimidating but making your cat vomit is an emergency cure or treatment for poisoning when a cat ingests something which is poisonous. It should be done quickly. To achieve this the owner needs to …

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Purpose, function and problems of domestic cat anal sacs

Domestic cat anal sacs

The thick, creamy, foul-smelling liquid which is light gray to brown in colour contained in the anal sacs is squeezed onto faeces when the cat defecates. This imparts a particular smell onto the faeces which acts as a calling card for the cat. The scent is particular to that individual cat allowing others to …

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Can a cat recover from hepatic lipidosis?

With quick aggressive treatment about 90% of cats with hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver disease) survive but without it, the survival rate goes down to 10 to 15%. What is the cause and what is the treatment? You will need to see a vet about this so you can book the appointment before you read …

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Can I take my cat’s blood pressure at home?

Taking a cat's blood pressure

Yes, you can take your cat’s blood pressure at home because you can buy a veterinary animal use blood pressure monitor on Amazon although, unsurprisingly, they are much more expensive than the incredibly cheap human versions. You can buy human blood pressure monitors for less than £20 (around $13 in America) but they’re going …

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Why has my cat lost his appetite? When a vet is required.

Loss appetite in cats

I have put off answering this question because it is such an enormous topic and of course it is all to do with a veterinarian’s work, for which I am unqualified. But I feel that I’m qualified to at least address the issue while referring to excellent references. Sometimes loss of appetite in cats …

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Cat foods that help gain weight? This begs questions.

Skinny cat

Sometimes people search the Internet for cat foods which might help their cat gain weight. This is entirely understandable but it is fraught with dangers because in conducting this research it’s clear that their cats are underweight. If a domestic cat is underweight, there are numerous reasons. Being underweight is a very common sign …

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