Big-headed invasive ants disrupt lion predation of Kenya’s zebras

Big-headed ant has disrupted the ecosystem and protected the zebra in parts of Kenya

The Independent newspaper reports on a study which concluded that a big-headed invasive ant species has taken hold at 1,600 locations from East Africa to southern American states. It’s a remarkable story of an invasive species. Please note that species of all kinds become invasive because humans carry them to their new homes. We …

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Making the case that domestic cats are not an invasive species in America

Bodega cat finds a friendly customer to climb on

It is automatically assumed that domestic cats wherever they live are invasive species. For example, an article written by Catherine D. Mizerany on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch says that domestic cats are the ‘very definition of an invasive species’. But let’s analyse it and see if they really are. We argue that the logical …

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Poland puts domestic cat on invasive species database

Polish Academy of Sciences

Polish scientists at the Polish Academy of Sciences have decided to place the domestic cat on the database of invasive species in Poland. The domestic cat is, indeed, an invasive species in Poland as it is in the UK and the USA, for example. But these other countries don’t OFFICIALLY recognise that fact because …

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Hypocritical Australians are the most destructive non-native species on their continent

Aboriginal Australians with the feral cat they killed

I’ve recently been doing research on whether owning a caracal is illegal in Australia (I shouldn’t have bothered). It was very hard research because the documentation provided by Australian administrations was poor. What I found was a continual reference to “pests” and “invasive species” or “alien species” or “non-native species”. To Australians non-native species …

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