In Australia if you kill foxes feral cat numbers increase in places where these ‘pests’ are sympatric

In Australia where the fox and feral cat are sympatric if you poison foxes to death with bait the feral cats tend to do better and kill more prey animals

The Conversation website boldly states that “baiting foxes can make feral cats even more brazen”. That statement is based on a study of 1.5 million camera traps photographs taken in forests of Australia. They studied the photographs by hand. ‘Sympatric’ – where wild animals live in the same area or their distribution overlaps. Is …

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Making the case that domestic cats are not an invasive species in America

Bodega cat finds a friendly customer to climb on

It is automatically assumed that domestic cats wherever they live are invasive species. For example, an article written by Catherine D. Mizerany on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch says that domestic cats are the ‘very definition of an invasive species’. But let’s analyse it and see if they really are. We argue that the logical …

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Complex interplay between Australia’s feral cats, invasive rabbits and native mammals

Feral cat of Australia

There is a confusing (to me) and complex interplay between the feral cats on the Australian continent, the rabbits upon which they prey, and the conservation of precious native mammals. European rabbits were introduced to Australia in the 18th century. European cats were also introduced to the continent at a similar time (as were …

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Hypocritical Australians are the most destructive non-native species on their continent

Aboriginal Australians with the feral cat they killed

I’ve recently been doing research on whether owning a caracal is illegal in Australia (I shouldn’t have bothered). It was very hard research because the documentation provided by Australian administrations was poor. What I found was a continual reference to “pests” and “invasive species” or “alien species” or “non-native species”. To Australians non-native species …

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10 countries (only) where the domestic cat is a native species

Fertile Crescent

On my reckoning, there are only 10 countries where the domestic cat is a native species or a non-invasive species. In all the other countries of the world the domestic cat could be described as an invasive species. So, what is an invasive species and where are these countries? Well, an invasive species is …

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Maine Coons are non-native to the USA. Discuss.

Mr and Mrs Maine and kitten plus Ms Human who looks after them

I have noticed that some Maine Coon breeders say that the Maine Coon is native to America. And the UK’s Premier cat Association, GCCF, says the same thing. If you believe in the scientific concept of non-native species, they are incorrect. A native species is one which completely originates in the place where that …

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Why are domestic cats an invasive species?

The Fertile Crescent where the domestic cat first occurred compared to a map of the same are 2021

Domestic cats are not an invasive species in every country. Domestic cats are native to certain countries and in those countries they are not an invasive species. A species of animal is only “invasive” if they are not native or indigenous to a certain place. For cats this means that they were brought to …

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