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Domestic Cat to Wildcat Comparison and Changes — 5 Comments

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  2. I agree about some things, but I am not sure I agree about domestic cats. I think as a species they won: unlike many of their wild relatives, they are not only aren’t facing extinction but are thriving. Sure there are too many of them, but this is the whole point of surviving as a species. And then when Scottish wildcats interbreed with domestics, domestic blood wins at the end (maybe because domestic queens are more often in heat and give birth more often).

    BTW – there are absolutely beautiful videos of European wildcats in their natural surroundings on you tube. You can find it there by simply searching for “European wildcat 1” and “European wildcat 2” on you tube.

  3. It’s an old article but regarding “That said both true wildcats and feral cats can be tamed in equal measure and perhaps some individual wildcats of certain species might be more easily tamed than some individual feral cats. ”

    FYI: some species of wildcat can be easily tamed but not others. For example, African wildcats from which our cats originated are easily tamed, so are Servals, but European wildcats and Scottish wildcats are notoriously difficult to tame even when bottle fed. Scottish wildcat kittens would be biting, hissing and spitting as early as 10 days; even bottle fed they remain this way. Sure, some individual occasionally may be tamed – there was a case with 2 European wildcat kittens that were left motherless shortly after birth – a boy and a girl. A boy was still blind and a girl opened her eyes. The boy grew up tame, but the girl remained spitfire all her life. But in general European and Scottish wildcats while very close genetically to our cats and would interbreed with domestics in nature are near-impossible to tame.

    • Thanks Kitty. Yes, the Scottish wildcat has a reputation for being particularly wild and impossible to tame. I love that. I don’t think any wild cat species should be tamed. I say leave them all alone and let them be themselves, wild and free. I have doubts about the whole concept of the domestication of the wildcat. I think it is a failure because humans have messed it up.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. By the way the article is older than dated. The date refers to the time the website was transferred to a new hosting company. It was written about 3 years ago.

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