Processed food is bad for humans but we almost always feed cats processed food

Cat food ingredients

Chemically processed food with a large number of ingredients and which is high in carbohydrates is recognized as not being an ideal food for humans. I believe that, nowadays, the general consensus is that processed foods are a major contributor … please continue reading

Fifth of UK cat owners don’t know that their cat is a carnivore

Palmerston the Foreign Office cat

A fifth (20 out of 100 cat owners) don’t realise that their cat is a carnivore so concludes a 2,000 cat owner survey by a cat food manufacturer, Lily’s Kitchen. This lack of basic and essential knowledge on cat nutrition … please continue reading

The Radura symbol on cat food packaging. Check for it.

The Radura sign on cat food packaging. Check for it.

The Radura symbol indicates that the food has been irradiated to kill bugs and bacteria. It also creates carcinogenic chemicals which can harm pets. Pet food is irradiated to primarily benefit the manufacturer by extending shelf life. It is a cynical process. Watch out for the symbol and avoid these products. please continue reading

In Australia Some Commercial Cat Food Could Cause “Severe Illness or Injury” to Adult Cats

Peer-reviewed research at the University of Sydney published in the Australian Veterinary Journal has concluded that some commercial pet food could cause severe illness or injury to adult cats. This is shocking news. This is outrageous news. But it does … please continue reading