Happy update on “blind” Siamese kitten and her sibling guardian rescued on Christmas Eve

This is a happy update on the two kittens rescued from a bamboo field in Pickens County, South Carolina. The story of their Christmas Eve rescue was posted on PoC December 26. Although these two aren’t quite ready for their forever home at this time, I do have good news to share. Please read on…

Pippin and Merry still asleep after being spayed
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Now dubbed Pippin and Merry (from Lord of the Rings) these two Siamese beauties are currently in the care of Kristina Leigh after the rescue was coordinated by Kara Sheriff Clayton. Kristina fosters for Anderson County Humane Society (no-kill) in Anderson, South Carolina. ACHS is a no-kill facility that operates through foster homes and is totally dependent on donations to keep running. Kara rescues practically every dog in Pickens County that she runs across who needs help.

Merry (left) and Pippin (right) are very “bonded”

Now for the good news. Pippin, who was thought to be blind, has been checked out by the clinic veterinarian. It’s been determined Pippin can see shadows, and since her eye condition isn’t painful, she won’t have to have them removed! Kristina will be setting up an appointment in the near future to see a specialist with more sophisticated medical equipment than is available with the clinic vet.

Both Pippin and her sister Merry have been spayed, and both are still very dependent on each other. When available for adoption, they must go to their forever home together. Kristina says they were a bit hissy upon arrival, but are very sweet once they get to know you.

You can follow Anderson County Humane Society on Facebook or on their website. Tax deductible donations can be made via those links and are always needed, as the organization takes in many animals in deplorable condition who were thrown away by society. Merry and Pippin had enough money come in through cat lovers after their story broke to cover their initial vetting (spay, vaccines, testing), but more may be needed to cover the specialist.

I hope all of you enjoy the new photos. Merry and Pippin are thriving in foster care and look a bit spoiled. I’ll update everyone once they’re ready for a new home. Kristina provided the photos of these two beauties.


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    • That’s the partially blind one with the membranes showing. They’re both blue. I think the photo just picked up the brown tones on the one. Our Adora does the same in some photos.


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