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    • Hi Lori, is she a Bengal/Pixie Bob hybrid? Sounds like it. Weight varies that is the trouble. They say the Bengal is a big cat and the Pixie Bob is mid range and females are smaller than males so all in all I’d guess she should end up being about average for a female domestic cat (8 pounds or so) but she may just be a small cat. You can’t really say a breed of cat has a certain weight. It is more about individual cats. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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    • Thanks for sharing that. I think you are the first on the site who has a Pixie-bob as a companion cat. I may be wrong but they seem to be quite a rare cat.

  3. Hmmm, thanks for the comment. I think this brings to mind what breeders call ‘pet quality’ cats. These cats do have value. They can’t be shown at cat shows for example but they are from good stock provided your Pixie-bob is purebred. Munchkin (dwarf cats) cat breeders sell there normal legged Munchkins but at reduced prices. It’s about quality ultimately. Answer: yes there is a market but it is smaller and the prices are lower. Pixie-bobs are good cats for children for instance. Someone would like that fact:


  4. Hi, my name is thomas and my pixibob “bonnie lass” just had a litter in which most of them closely resemble her and do have tails like her her. I was wonderindg if there is a market for these animals or if you are interested at all in this matter. thank you for your time.

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