Are dogs better than cats at killing rats?

Terriers and farmers go ratting and the dogs love it and are aggressively fearless in contrast to most domestic cats today.

My conclusion is that dogs are better than cats at killing rats; specifically, the Jack Russell terrier is better than any cat breed and even the moggie. One commentor (see base of page) said that dogs need to be trained to be efficient ratters but don’t find that very convincing as dogs are predators …

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Pittsburgh ‘Refrigerator Cat’

1901 refrigerator cats

No, I’m not referring to domestic cats would like to open refrigerator doors and creep inside to either ‘steal’ the food for have a snooze, I’m referring to a special race of domestic cat living in sub-zero temperatures in industrial-sized refrigerator plants at the turn of the 20th century (late 1800s to early 1900s). …

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Chicago cat shelter sells groups of feral cats for up to $600 to combat city’s rat problem

TNR'ed feral cats protect a brewery from rats

The CNN video tells us that Chicago has the worst rat problem in America. A lot of people think that domestic, stray and feral cats are not very effective at catching rats. It depends upon the individual cat but the important point to note here is that we are not discussing how effective feral …

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Nigerian leader advises citizens to adopt a cat to ward off Lassa fever

Emir of Potiskum

The emir of Potiskum, Yobe State, Nigeria, whose name is Alhaji Bubaram Ibn Wuriwa Bauya, wants the citizens of Potiskum to adopt a domestic cat or cats to keep rats at bay. Infected Mastomys rats contaminate food and household items with urine or faeces. This transmits the disease to people, which is endemic in …

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Modern domestic cat is a poor rat catcher because their role is to be a companion

Pampered pet cats of today are not great rat catchers

Compared to 2,000 years ago the modern domestic cat is smaller, pampered and flabby and not, in general (there will be exceptions), an effective rat catcher. As prey mice are safer and smaller. Modern domestic cats are 15% smaller than domestic cats of Ancient Egypt. The cats of 2,000 years ago were not only …

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