Infographic on ‘Nursing the cat flu patient’

Nursing the cat flu patient

A simple infographic covering the salient points when nursing a cat with flu. As you know there is no cure for cat flu as there is no cure for human flu. The body has to do the work through its immune system and the production of antibodies, but you can help the body fight …

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Infographic on URIs in domestic cats

URIs in cats in an infographic

This is a short, very compact infographic on URIs in cats which are better described as the ‘feline viral respiratory disease complex’. The goal is to provide a quick snapshot of this very common cat health problem which plagues stray and feral cats and for them it can frequently lead to blindness through the …

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38 facts about the common cold in cats

Cat has a cold and owner provides reassurance

Here are 38 facts about the common cold in domestic cats. I like to present these sort of topics in succinct, bullet-point factual terms because I think it helps to understand the subject. The facts are presented chronologically as the disease develops. I hope that you find it useful. The source of the information …

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