Stubborn feline herpes infection? Add Lactoferrin in addition to Lysine

Lactoferrin is another one of the alternative treatments for a chronic herpes virus infection which can be combined with L-lysine. L-lysine is fairly well known as a supplement to give to cats to help them overcome or control a chronic … please continue reading

Multi-cat household – can you cope and are you managing well?

Are you able to look after lots of cats? Do you fail to cope sometimes? Or are you unconcerned? Looking after a group of cats brings extra responsibilities and demands, which may be beyond the capabilities and motivation of their … please continue reading

Animal Shelter Spaying and Neutering

Is there a danger of your cat being infected with a contagious disease when attending an animal shelter for low cost spaying or neutering operations? And if so, how big is the risk? Is it bigger than at a vet’s … please continue reading